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Terms and Conditions


1. Advertisements are accepted on the basis that the relationship between the Advertiser and Diversified Business Communications UK Limited, hereafter “The Publisher”, is governed by the conditions set out below and where specifically detailed on accompanying Order Acknowledgement, Invoice or other documentation. Unless specifically approved in writing by the Publisher, the conditions stipulated on an Advertiser’s order form or anywhere else shall be void.
2. For the purpose of these conditions, “Advertiser” shall refer to the contractual Principal that is the party responsible for payment of charges or provision of contra agreements arising from the publication of an advertisement in both print and digital formats. Where appropriate “advertisement” includes any marketing material published/digitally distributed or otherwise produced by the Publisher on behalf of the Advertiser, such as web banners, email campaigns, loose or bound-in inserts, tip-on or walletted promotions, advertisement features and reprint bookings.
3. The Publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertisement submitted for publication.
4. The Publisher shall make reasonable efforts to honour the Advertiser’s wishes regarding the positioning of any advertisement, but except in the case of specific premium positions (such as inside front cover and outside back cover) shall not be liable in the event that the positioning request is not met.
5. The “Advertiser” shall deliver Copy to arrive by the Copy deadline (see point 23)
6. Copy should be supplied as a high resolution print ready document (PDF or similar). If written copy instructions are not received by the copy date, no guarantee can be given that proofs will be supplied or corrections made and the Publisher reserves the right to repeat the most appropriate copy. In the event of there being no appropriate copy, the advertiser will be charged as if the advertisement had been printed.
7. Where the Publisher agrees to design or otherwise create or amend the Advertiser’s copy without charge, the Publisher shall make reasonable effort to provide the Advertiser with a proof of the advertisement in advance of publication but shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for any errors or omissions in the published copy.
8. The copyright on artwork/copy contributed to an advertisement by the Publisher shall be vested in the Publisher. In particular any artwork/copy produced by the Publisher shall not be published elsewhere without the prior written approval of the Publisher.
9. Where the Publisher levies a separate charge to design or otherwise create or amend the Advertiser’s copy, in the event that an advertisement contains any typographical or similar error, misprint or omission that (a) is attributable to the Publisher and (b) materially reduces the effectiveness of that advertisement, the Publisher shall re-insert the advertisement into the next available issue without charge. In no circumstances shall the total liability of the Publisher for
any error, misprint or omission exceed (a) the amount of a full refund of any price paid to the Publisher for the advertisement in connection with which the liability arose (however, where inserts are lost or damaged, the Publisher may also be liable for a proportion of the production costs) or (b) the cost of a further or corrective advertisement of a similar type to the advertisement in connection with which the liability arose. Any complaint concerning the reproduction of an advertisement must be lodged in writing within two weeks of the publication date.
10. The Publisher cannot accept liability for any errors due to inaccurate copy instructions. Charges shall be made to the Advertiser where the Publisher or its printers are involved in extra production work owing to acts or defaults of the Advertiser or its agents. These charges will be in accordance with the published rates current at that date. It is the responsibility of the advertiser or its agents to check the copy and layout of the first insertion of a series booking and advise the publisher accordingly of any amendments required.
11. Telephone space bookings are subject to the same conditions as written orders.
12. Bookings arranged via agencies on behalf of the Advertiser are subject to a standard 10% agency discount, which must be agreed at time of booking. This figure is set by the Publisher and may be changed without notice.
13. Accounts are strictly net payable within 30 days of date of invoice, unless otherwise stated on confirmation of booking and invoice. If payment terms are exceeded and invoices become overdue, which results in legal action, then all outstanding monies become immediately due for payment and the Publisher and/or its authorised agents shall in addition recover from the Advertiser any and all costs reasonably incurred, which may include, but are not limited to the cost of: internal and external debt recovery personnel and agencies; legal, accountancy and court fees; and interest on both the principal and all the costs.
14. Series contracts not completed by the advertiser may incur cancellation charges by the Publisher. In such an event, or where the Publisher has to cancel any series booking due to non-payment of account, the appropriate higher series rate shall become payable.
15. Cancellation or suspension of series orders cannot be accepted unless four clear weeks’ notice in writing is given by the Advertiser prior to final copy deadline date on which the advertisement was booked to appear.
16. Cancellation of bookings made within 72 hours of the publication going to print may not be cancelled after 24 hours of the booking being made.
17. The Advertiser warrants that the advertisement does not contravene any Act of Parliament, nor is it in any way illegal or defamatory or an infringement of any other party’s rights or an infringement of the British Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion. On the contrary, copy must be legal, decent, honest and truthful.
18. The Advertiser shall indemnify the Publisher fully in respect of any costs, damages or losses arising directly or indirectly from the publication of an advertisement, where such an advertisement conformed to the copy instructions supplied by the Advertiser. The Publisher will consult with the Advertiser as to the way in which such claims should be handled.
19. In accepting financial advertisements, the Publisher does so on the understanding that their copy content, authorisation and placing have been processed in accordance with the requirements of the Financial Services Act 1986.
20. The Advertiser’s property, artwork, digital files etc. are held at his risk and should be insured by it against loss or damage from whatever cause. The Publisher reserves the right to destroy all artwork that has been in its custody for six months from the date of its last appearance.
21. Notwithstanding anything in the above which may provide to the contrary, neither the Publisher nor the Advertiser shall be liable to one another for any loss or damage, consequential or otherwise, caused by, or arising out of, any Act of Parliament, Order in Council, Act of State, Strike of employees, lock-out, trade dispute, enemy action, rioting, civil commotion, fire, force majeure, Act of God or other similar contingency beyond the control of either party.
22. These conditions and all other express terms of the contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of England.
23. Group Tourism & Travel Magazine deadlines:
As per the sales confirmation which is sent at time of booking. For a full schedule contact the publisher.