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Hants gears up for 100th

Hampshire is gearing up for 2018 as the RAF’s centenary year.

Red Arrows flying over FAST

Farnborough in the north east of the county is where the Army established its Royal Engineers Balloon School in 1906; where Samuel Franklin Cody made the first successful powered flight in Britain in 1908; where the Royal Flying Corps (RFC), was created; and where the ‘Father of the RAF’, Hugh Montague Trenchard, commanded the Military Wing in the RFC HQ.

The RFC merged with the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) to become the RAF in 1918.

Farnborough Air Sciences Trust (FAST) commemorates all of this history in its eclectic museum.

It is planning a special exhibition this year to celebrate the centenary of the Royal Aircraft Establishment, formerly the Royal Aircraft Factory.

Meanwhile the popular Farnborough Airshow returns on 16-22 July.